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I decided to start this blog in order to share my experience with a diet based on green juice. Over the past 30 years, I have tried a wide variety of natural dietary programs in order to discover what foods work best for my body. I have also undertaken many different kinds of fasts as a way to allow my body time to rest and rejuvenate.

I have done at least 20 fasts, including a 10-day dry fast (based on the work of Dr. Sergei Filonov of Russia); a 25-day supervised water fast at the TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa, CA (based on the work of Dr. Herbert Shelton); a 50-day vegetable juice fast (based on the work of Dr. Norman Walker); a 14 day wheatgrass juice fast (based on the work of Dr. Ann Wigmore); and a 14 day lemon-water fast (based on the work of Dr. Frank McCoy).

I also spent 6 years as a research associate with the Gerson Research Organization directed by Gar & Christeene Hildenbrand, where I helped to track the outcomes of thousands of cancer patients who were following a diet therapy, based largely on fresh fruit and vegetable juices, designed by Dr. Max Gerson of Germany.

Additionally, I have been an avid self-taught student in the field of natural health and healing, reading hundreds of books on everything from fruitarianism to the paleolithic diet. And I have personally tried just about every single one of them to see how they would affect me. My journey has been long and winding, but nonetheless interesting, and every experiment has been worthwhile because I have learned something new from each exploration. 

As I start this blog, I am currently on week five of a green juice fast, feast, cleanse, or "reboot," to use the term recently coined by Joe Cross in his book "Reboot With Joe." Joe is now fairly well-known for his inspiring DVD "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" which documents his own 60-day journey on fruit and vegetable juice to lose weight and heal a chronic illness.

The green juice "reboot" I am currently engaged in is turning out to be one of the best fasts that I have ever personally done. I really wanted to do a water fast, but I have too many responsibilities at present and cannot afford the downtime that is required during a water fast. So, I was recently inspired with the idea of doing a fast based entirely on low-sugar, no starch green vegetables: specifically, lettuce and celery.

The combination of these two green leafy vegetables is dynamite. Not only are they incredibly rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids but, together, they have a very mild flavor that never seems to get old or unpleasant. The celery is very high in natural sodium which my body seems to need in substantial quantities, and the lettuce is a good source of omega 3 and provides enough sweetness to counteract the bitter taste of the celery.

In addition to the freshly-pressed lettuce and celery juice, I am adding a freeze-dried wheatgrass juice powder called "Wheat Grass Shots" made by Green Foods Corp. This is a fantastic product with no fillers and is the next best thing to the fresh stuff. Taken together, these three green foods are giving me more nutrition in one day than most people probably get in a week or a month.

Many of the dietary experiments that I have tried over the years were based on theories that did not always produce the expected results in my own body. Consequently, I have come to the conclusion that the only thing that really counts at the end of the day is how YOU feel when you do something, whether it be in the realm of diet, exercise, or spiritual practice. 

We are all unique and must figure out what works best for us as individuals. There is no right or wrong way to well-being; there is only feeling good on your path now or not. And as my spiritual teacher Abraham (Hicks) so brilliantly points out, "You can't have a happy ending to an unhappy journey." My own path seems to be lighting up beneath my feet, and I look forward to sharing my juicy journey with you as it continues to unfold.

Love & Joy,  Esmée


susan said...

Great post, my dear daughter...onward and upward :)

Anonymous said...

Love it Esmee thanks for sharing ... Quick question I buy the nutribullet today.... This 3 combinations of lettuce, celery and lettuce can do tha same effect if I blend them or if have to be in jucie ?

Anonymous said...

Great post Esmee ... Thanks for sharing, quick question - today I buy the nutribullet, can I have the benefits of the lettuce, celery and wheat grass with my nutribullet or it is better with a juicer?

Esmée La Fleur said...

There is a therapeutic value to juicing vegetables instead of eating them with the fiber in a blended form. Each way has its advantages, but juice allows you to consume a much greater volume of vegetables, than blending does. It is for this reason that it is used by people to heal their bodies of various dis-eases. But consuming vegetables in any form is certainly healthy.

Blessings, Esmée

Maurie Kirschner said...

Love seeing you take this to the blogging platform, Esmee!

Ron Holley said...

Wow! Great start on your blog Esmee! I'm very impressed, and feel I have gained a deeper understanding of you, where you are coming from, and how and why.
Also a better understanding of the juice fast.
What kind of juicer do you recommend for the green juice fast?
I'm thinking of trying it, but can't drop a lot of money on an expensive juicer, and don't want to compromise my strength by filling up on pulp.

Esmée La Fleur said...

Thanks Ron!

There are two other articles posted under "Pages" in the right column of this blog that will answer your question in detail.

Details of the Fast:

Nutrients in the Juice: